Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Python Accessing Caller **locals() from callee method using sys._getframe

This is my first attempt at memcaching html page using cheetah
since cheetah render needs locals() i use getCallerInfo() to get the locals() and send to memcached
let me know if it is possible to better do this
notice getCallerInfo
def renderpage(key, htmlfile, deleteafter=3600):
from globaldb import mc
try:page = mc.get(key)
page=None'except error mc.get '+ key)
if not page: ' rendering cheetah page')
terms = getCallerInfo(1)
#print terms
page = str(web.render(htmlfile, asTemplate=True, terms=terms))
try:mc.set(key, page, deleteafter)
except:'except error mc.set '+ key)
return page

def mcrenderpage(key, htmlfile, deleteafter=3600):
terms = getCallerInfo(2)
#print terms
return str(web.render(htmlfile, asTemplate=True, terms=terms))

def getCallerInfo(decorators=0):
'''returns locals of caller using frame.optional pass number of decorators\nFrom Dig deep into python internals'''
f = sys._getframe(2+decorators)
args = inspect.getargvalues(f)
return args[3]

return utils.renderpage(key, 'pick.html')

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