Saturday, January 10, 2009

Facebook sytle Notifications in couchdb

Goal: To prepare a facebook style notification using couchdb
class Notification(Document):
unread = BooleanField(default=True)
activity = TextField()
appname = TextField()
image = TextField()
type = TextField(default='notification')
fromuser = TextField()
touser = TextField()
link = TextField()
message = TextField()
created = DateTimeField(
time =TimeField(
date = DateField(

def savenotifications(fromuser, tousers, link, message, activity, image, appname, *args, **kwargs):
for touser in tousers:
if fromuser == touser:continue
notidoc = Notification( fromuser = fromuser,touser=touser, link=link, message=message, activity=activity, image = image, appname = appname)
for touser in tousers:
r=fbcouchdb.view('_view/pop/unread',key=str(touser), count=1)
for i in r:i

Bold: I even try to prepare the views when some one gets a new notifications by precalling the view unread ahead of time when a new notification for that user is inserted inorder to cause forced view regeneration

def getnotifications(self, all=False):
from couchmodel import fbcouchdb
if not all:
return [ (, x.value) for x in fbcouchdb.view('_view/pop/unre
ad',key=str(self.uid), count=5) ]
return [ (, x.value) for x in fbcouchdb.view('_view/pop/noti
fications',key=str(self.uid)) ]

Problem:but whenever i do getnotification it is really slow.. And the page doesnt open forever. Anyways to make couchdb usable with this db? the situation is that notifications are constantly inserted into the db all the time as things happen to the user in real time. is this not a good use case for couchdb

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