Saturday, February 10, 2007

The main feature that makes Stackless Tasklets

The main feature that makes Stackless so attractive for use as a scripting language is the support for tasklets. Tasklets make it possible to create “micro-threads”, allowing the programmer to switch among several execution threads that only exist in the python environment and have no dependencies on the underlying OS threads. Some would call these threads”green-threads”. These threads has very small footprint on memory and CPU. You can actually create hundreds of threads with almost no overhead. Every tasklet has only a few bytes of memory overhead. And the scheduling of threads takes O(1) time with a simple Round-Robin scheduling algorithm. If we where talking about native threads we would have almost 1MB of memory per thread and high cost scheduling to do things we don’t need. To all that add that the engine would behave very differently on different operating systems. Even on different versions of the same operating system.

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