Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tools used by Youtube

System Architect

We're looking for a superstar operations-minded person to work on a myriad of vital infrastructure-related projects and handle daily site issues. The range of projects is truly huge and ranges from enhancing site monitoring to helping design and implement our ever-growing site infrastructure. If LVM, LVS, AWK, SVN, and ARP are more than TLAs for you, contact us!
Required Skills and Experience
At least 3 years experience with all of the following: HTML/DHTML, Javascript, Ajax, CSS, Python,
* Experience in managing and scaling a large set of systems.
* Working knowledge of: Linux, TCP/IP networking, security, mail, file systems.
* Scripting (bash, Perl, Python, etc.).
* BS in Computer Science or equivalent experience.
* Versatility. Must be able to pick up new skills / projects quickly.

Preferred Experience

* Load balancing (hardware and/or software)
* Postfix
* cfengine
* Apache, lighttpd
* Site monitoring tools, such as Nagios

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume (plain text, HTML, or PDF) to jobs@youtube.com. The subject line MUST include: "Job: System Architect".

Purely as a bonus, please send us the decoded version of this text: ORUGKIDBNZZXOZLSEBUXGIBUGI

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